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Elegant Concrete Engraving is a unique company specializing in decorative concrete.

We do not subcontract any of our work. Our employees are highly trained and skilled. They also have a long history with our company and are friendly and courteous. We are very proud of our employees. For your next project, consider our company as an expert on staining, engraving or polishing concrete.

Drive and walkways:
Tired of cracks and ugly stains?
We transform your concrete into a pattern of brick, tile slate or cobble stone without the use of a topping. Toppings will crack, chip, or peal. Our process is permanently engraved into the concrete and will last for ever.
Pool Decks:
Our deck surface is an easy maintenance easy clean surface. Typical pool deck surfaces (such as flocrete) are porous. As a result it holds onto dirt, mold and mildew making it difficult to clean. The only way yo keep it clean is with a power washer and chemicals. Flocrete also cracks and chips.
With our deck all that is needed for cleaning is a typical hose and squeegee.
Interior Floors
Acid stained floors give a look of warmth and natural beauty. Acid stained floors can either be sealed with a clear coat of epoxy, urethane or acrylic and wax. Another way of finishing an acid stained floor is to polish the concrete. Polishing gives a natural polished stone I look. It also is easy to clean and maintain with a wet mop and neutral cleanser. Polished concrete floors are also ideal for commercial use. Polished concrete floors eliminate the on going cost of maintenance and waxing.
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Elegant Concrete Engraving

Elegant Concrete Engraving

Elegant Concrete Engraving